PUMA VELOCITY NITRO 2: let’s go farther

They say “Never change a winning team”. Same is when a product is lie that: it’s better to perfect and evolve it. You would be forgiven for thinking this, after the recent unveiling of the new PUMA VELOCITY NITRO 2.

In the model introduced last year (you can find the reviewhere), the NITRO foam-infused with nitrogen gas-was making its excellent debut for its responsiveness and comfort qualities, but this year it is further refined to amplify the shoe’s strenghts. Since the midsole compartment already performs optimally, evolutions have been directed mainly toward the upper and outsole to create a VELOCITY NITRO that can accompany you on runs of any distance, while keeping its main qualities unchanged.

VELOCITY NITRO 2 thus features an improved fit, a softer mesh upper, and a TPU heel for improved stability and proprioception. It seems clear, then, that everything is geared toward a specific purpose: to allow the NITRO foam to express itself to the fullest and give you a fun and comfortable running experience. And do it for a long time.

In fact, we know that, especially in long distances, the foot tends to fatigue and needs to be accompanied and protected so as to always run with the best support in every situation and in total safety. Safety is also improved by reflective material inserts to make us more visible in the dark.

Within this context, it is important to remember that the women’s version is designed specifically for the characteristics of the female foot. In fact, we find a narrower heel, lower instep, and sculpted arch shape.

To go farther

But these are not the only changes. In fact there’s also the PUMAGRIP rubber outsole, designed and developed to travel more miles and last longer. The new VELOCITY NITRO 2 will then be able to provide traction and endurance for many miles.

Starting with the excellent NITRO midsole, with these features, a 10mm drop and a weight of 206gfor the women’s version and 249g for the men’s version, the Global Sports Brand’s new running shoes will appeal to any type of runner and for any use.

For info: cisalfasport.co.uk.


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