The perfect lacing

The faster you go, the more important it is not to waste time on an untied shoe. And, you know, you can’t even run in certain situations, on pain of tripping over your own laces.

It’s no coincidence that it was Mary Keitany who invented this perfect, trip-proof lacing: to win the New York City Marathon four times and the London Marathon three times (yes, you read that right), you can’t afford to be slowed down or stopped by a sagging lacing.
The ingenious thing about this technique is not that it prevents your shoes from coming undone but that, even if they do, nothing happens. Watch it.

How to do it? Just watch the video where we explain in exactly 30 seconds how to do it. Do you have 30 seconds to learn a really easy and ingenious technique to never have to think about how you tied your shoes again and whether they will withstand your crazy speeds? There, we get it ;)


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