All the playlists of “The Long / B-Sides” are here!

This is the place to find all the playlists of “Il Lungo / B-Sides,” that is, the playlist that every two weeks – on Wednesdays – accompanies you in your workouts, up to the king of all workouts during the weekend: the long run, precisely. For which there is Il Lungo, with some more music too. The difference is that these playlists are just music: that’s right, there is no speech, nothing but tracks chosen from the tracklist of Il Lungo from the week before. To go for a run during the week with a good hour or so of carefully chosen music. And if you’re wondering why those strange numbers at the end of each playlist’s title, here’s why:

35/1, 36/2 eTc.

the first number stands for which episode of “Il Lungo” it refers to, and the second is the progressive of each individual playlist of “Il Lungo / B-Sides. I remind you that all the music from Il Lungo” and “Il Lungo / B-Sides” can also be found in two mega-playliststotaliglobal, only on Spotify. Here they are!

Here are All the playlists!

In chronological order, from the most recent to the least recent, while the last one is always at the beginning of the article.



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