Improve your running with yoga

  • Yoga is a discipline valued by runners, offering a feeling of intoxication and well-being through endorphins.
  • It is important to take care of your body, spending time on muscle stretching and also considering the option of yoga.
  • Yoga improves listening to the body, increases awareness and sensitivity, contributing to a sense of lightness and serenity, improving running.

The runner has only one fixed thought: running. Running is the only discipline worthy of his time and for which he always finds a spare moment. How can you blame him: running is beautiful! We all know that wonderful feeling at the end of a run, that state of intoxication given by the release of endorphins that we can never have enough of!

Running feels good. In a way, it is as if running takes care of us, cheering us up and putting us back at peace with ourselves and the world. What if the opposite happens and she is the one who needs us? What could we do for you?

For example, we could provide her with a versatile, multitasking body that responds positively to different stimuli.

Unfortunately, it often happens that the person who runs is a log. It is a naked truth. Not enough time or importance is ever devoted to muscle stretching. It is never the time, you never feel like it, and you always end up putting it off and finally not doing it. Wrong.

Are we just bored with the idea of putting ourselves through some classic stretching exercises? No problem. Alternatively, one can opt for a yoga class.

I remember that at first I thought it was not a suitable discipline for me. Too static and meditative. I would never be able to push the thoughts away and empty my mind. I much preferred Pilates, a more muscular and dynamic activity. Then I decided to give yoga one chance, which was followed by a second and a third. I tried several classes taught by different teachers, both women and men, each with their own style and peculiarities. Eventually I came to my senses, and I began to appreciate the practice and its benefits. A sense of deep realignment, lightness and serenity. Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Hatha, Yin are just a few of the many styles of yoga. Some faster and more intense, others slower and more meditative.

Each practice increases awareness and sensitivity to each and every part of my body. From yoga I learned to listen to myself, during sports practice and in life in general.

Just as I feel the need to run I also feel the need to spend time stretching muscles put under stress by running. Through practice I take care of myself and my running at the same time.

Having full control of your body in space is the foundation from which to aspire to become a better runner every day. And the better we run, the better we feel!


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