How to recover after a race

You know that feeling of heaviness and wooden legs that, by comparison, Pinocchio was a contortionist? Here's how to avoid it with a 10-day post-race schedule.

The workout to get in shape for summer (and the dress rehearsal)

The dress rehearsal is not an exam; there is no jury. We are the ones who have to like ourselves: here are the training and tips to achieve the important result of looking in the mirror and liking ourselves.

Improve your running by reducing miles

Quality workouts, such as this 30-20-10 fartlek, help a great deal to improve one's performance without necessarily increasing mileage. This is according to research from the University of Copenhagen.

What is negative split and why it makes you last longer

Negative split means running less hard before and speeding up after. It is a technique that allows you to run better, faster, and conserve energy for when you need it: in the finish!

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