How to clean your running apparel

Today we talk about how to clean your beloved running outfits: underwear, T-shirts, shorts, joggers, long pants, windproof jackets, gloves, cap, socks. Everything.

All eyes on me.

A few clarifications before:

  • Technical running apparel is made from synthetic fabrics with high breathability and specific properties (breathability precisely, waterproofness-some-elasticity, etc.).
  • Comply with the washing directions: otherwise the performance characteristics will be lost

A few simple moves.

  1. Wash the garment in a washing machine or by hand, but always at no more than 40° (for some even 30° – check the washing instructions carefully) and without using fabric softener or bleach
  2. Do not mix different colors (yes, everyone knows this, but it bears repeating)
  3. Do not wash with other clothing with exposed parts that could ruin your beloved technical garments (aggressive zippers, metal buttons)
  4. Wash the garment inside out
  5. Let it dry naturally, and above all, never use a dryer or excessive heat sources: technical fabrics naturally dry quickly, and excessive heat deteriorates their qualities
  6. good news: you don’t need to iron them: they’re stretchy and barely creaseable (oh yeah!) but if you really want to, use a lukewarm iron
  7. Wear them
  8. Run!

One more thing.

You know we always like to put one more thing in. So: many technical fabrics (the more expensive ones) are antimicrobial/antibacterial. In other words: you can sweat in them but they don’t stink. Or not after one or a few uses. So you can – yes, trust me – run in them, sweat them out, put them on to dry and wear them again without washing them. Not for many times, but for a while. Save the trouble of washing them, the detergent, the energy. Nature will love you more and the sun will smile on you when you are caressed by a gentle breeze. Running, happy.


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