The workout to get in shape for summer (and the dress rehearsal)

I will clarify, once and for all, that the so-called “Dress rehearsal” before the summer is colossal nonsense. I think that it’s the spirit of Miranda Priestley waking you up from the winter hibernation in which you’ve overdone everything and forcing you back into a skimpy bikini, or pulling out Vin Diesel abs; however, aside from this somewhat Dickensian view, in my opinion we’re not quite there.

In fact – if we really wanted to have a truly serious, thoughtful and impeccable “Dress Rehearsal” – we would first have to appoint an impartial panel of experts to give us grades as we pull our swimsuits and all our summer clothes out of the closet. The scene is definitely disturbing, at least to me.

What is the dress rehearsal, the real thing!

It’s true that in summer we walk around more uncovered, and we don’t necessarily like everything we see in the mirror after a shower.
Here, in my opinion, the Dress Rehearsal is just that: putting ourselves in front of the mirror and feeling comfortable. Who cares about a few extra pounds or a couple of little “handles” on the hips. Which then we could also dwell on what “a few extra pounds” means because, if once the perfect size was “small”, then it became “extra-small”, then “extra-extra-small”. Let’s learn to love ourselves as we are instead of how others would like us to be, gosh!

But I offer you a challenge: invent a new concept of “Dress rehearsal” and turn it into “I look and feel better today than I did yesterday“. And in this I can be helpful: make the Dress Rehearsal a reason for satisfaction – not because we look like someone others wish we were – but because we represent a better version of ourselves, even aesthetically, yes.

We are going on a 4-week trip

I’m not taking you on a cruise around the world but we’re going on a 4-week training, the first 4 of which will take us down the path of satisfaction in front of the mirror and, in the end, even Snow White’s Queen will come out satisfied.

A journey of running, easy workouts, and attention to nutrition that, after 4 weeks, will lead you to say “today is better than yesterday”. And I invite you to take this journey with us by posting your progress made of smiles, sweat and good food, using the hashtag #betterthanthursday. Which is really what the dress rehearsal is all about.


Here I have practical tips for achieving the best result: pleasing ourselves. A super easy workout that will get you started running and training without much effort. Because that’s the key: mild exertion that allows you to burn fat and work on endurance and muscle tone.

As for the running, you just have to keep a gentle pace that allows you to converse while you train (at first you even just walk) while for the sessions of core stability, I recommend you download one of the many apps from HICT as 7 Minutes Workout (e.g. this, or this) and follow the instructions-it is so easy and the results are amazing!

The 4 weeks:

It’s better download the complete program in PDF format and print it out.

Human beings do not live by only training but also by food

I was talking about it here about how important nutrition is, at whatever level, for whatever needs and goals you want to achieve. And, in particular:

I can guarantee you that a great athlete, a great professional, a great student, a great mom (or dad), you can recognize them all by what they put on their plate.

Right on the plate, in these four weeks, we’re going to put a lot of things on and take more off. I’m not going to tell you that this is advice and has nothing to do with gospel: if you want a personalized diet, you must necessarily consult a specialist (a dietician or nutritionist).

The foods we like:

  • Vegetables, legumes, fresh fruits (in season).
  • Dried fruits (in moderation).
  • Low-glycemic-index carbohydrates (venus or basmati rice).
  • Cereals.
  • Fish, chicken, turkey.
  • 1.5/2 liters of water after a meal.

And those we will avoid:

  • Spirits.
  • Processed red meat, pork, cured meats.
  • Cheeses.
  • Refined carbohydrates (white rice).
  • Sweets and sugary drinks.
  • Fried.

Before popular uprisings arise, let me say one thing. I know you like to drink beer, eat chocolate, gorge on fried pork at the country fair, and I’m certainly not here to stop you from all these things. What I am saying is that if you want to drink a beer, don’t create salt supplement alibis (we have already debunked the myth in this article), you do so knowing that it is among the foods that should be avoided to achieve our goal. In fact, can I be honest? Giving up excesses for a month is no big deal, and maybe if you can’t, maybe you are addicted to it. All the more reason to listen to Uncle Big. ;)

The result

We’ll meet in a month here, and I’m sure you will have achieved two things. The first is that you will have passed your very personal Dress Rehearsal. And the second is that you won’t care anymore because you will feel so alive and active that you will only care about what the second part of the training program is.

In the meantime, I’m waiting for you with the hashtag #betterthanyesterday every day. Starting today.





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