Three habits that change your life for the better

“I love well-executed plans.” Do you remember who said that? It was John Hannibal Smith, the Colonel of the A-Team, and he said this at the end of each episode, when the plan he had devised with his accomplices was triumphantly concluded.

You and I love a good plan, too, don’t we? However, which plans do we like best, excluding those that work at work or in feelings? Well, those that affect our mental and physical health, no doubt.
Who is not attracted to a simple and straightforward method of being fit and in a good mood? No one, and no one is really well if one is not both physically and mentally well, and in fact this plan takes everything into consideration: mens sana in corpore sano, in 3 movements.

1. Physical activity

Well, so far nothing new, partly because you’re on Runlovers and hearing about movement to stay fit is not strange. The question, however, is “exactly how much and what?”
I’m getting there.
What ‘s simple: walk briskly, run and do core-strengthening and free-body exercises. Walking at a brisk pace is quickly explained: it lies somewhere between relaxed walking and running, but without having wheezing or sweating too much. You are familiar with running, and core and free-body exercises are discussed here.

Corsa e Squat

How long? You should do at least 150 minutes a week of brisk walking (that’s 30 minutes a day for 5 days a week, not a big deal, come on!) and running for at least 75 minutes a week. If you follow a minimal program that includes at least 3 workouts per week you already well exceed 75 minutes per week. Regarding free-body exercise: alternating running workouts with 3/4 sessions of 10-15 minutes of plank, core, etc. is more than enough.

2. Power supply

The topic is gigantic, so we focus only on the vegetables. And in the category “vegetables,” we focus on one subcategory, green vegetables. Why? Because they are rich in vitamin K, which is essential for blood clotting processes, as the enemy of osteoporosis, and because it is good for the brain. Where can you find it? In spinach, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, turnip greens and more. There are so many great recipes to make with green vegetables, and here Iaia explains some of them.

3. Smile

The benefits of smiling are endless and underestimated. A smile makes you run faster, and a smile changes your mood. Try it for yourself: smiling helps especially when you are not in a particularly good mood. I know it doesn’t come naturally to you in these cases, but make an effort, because smiling is the action that most simply physiologically activates a mood change. It is a clever but very effective trick to tell your brain that everything is fine and, amazingly, it believes it. Almost every time!

Sorridi e correrai più veloce

Move as much as possible, eat well and healthy (always remembering that the color green is a beautiful color) and smile. Successful plans are also the simplest: they work because they are beautiful and straightforward. Now run and put it into practice!

(via In Fitness and in Health)


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