adidas 4DFWD 2: fast forward

The Adidas 4DFWD were undoubtedly one of the most interesting shoes of 2021. They had amazed us with their softness, the innovative component given by the 3D printed midsole, and the way they fit.
We can say today that fortunately adidas has decided to continue on the original path taken with that model with the next one: the adidas 4DFWD 2.

Why “fortunately”? For a good reason: indeed, the Adidas 4DFWDs signified an important step in experimentation in the field of innovative manufacturing technologies. While the Primeknit upper has long been a strong point of the German company, the 3D printed midsole that is largely made of air (you can literally look through it, side to side) represented something never seen yet very high performance. When tested, the 4DFWDs push so hard and the forward propulsion given by the midsole structure is real. All achieved with a lightness and softness that if you don’t try it, you can’t believe it. In fact, the amazing thing about this technological solution is that it succeeds in reducing the amount of material needed to provide a mechanical response to the limit: there must not be more and there cannot be less.

A reinforced upper, a confirmed midsole

The second version of the adidas 4DFWDs confirms the midsole of its predecessors-which it closely resembles, at least visually and except for the material used, which is now a latex selected after extensive studies-but equips it with a new Continental outsole that is more present and thicker, also indicating predictably greater durability.

The upper is the most revolutionized part: it is still made of Primeknit but with strategic reinforcements and more padding.

I’m very curious to try this new version: I won’t hide that I really loved the previous model, which, like all the most extreme and interesting products, also has some weaknesses (the upper – very soft – in the long run can turn out to be saggy in the Primeknit mesh). Seeing the work done by adidas, however, it seems that the evolution is evident and focused on creating an even more refined and high-performance version of a shoe that had astonished-understandably-for its boldness and inventiveness.

The adidas 4DFWD 2 are on sale in the best specialty stores and the adidas store for 220 euros.


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