Adidas Adizero Prime X Strung, the smart upper

First came Primeknit-the first adidas upper made with only yarns, with no supports or panels and reinforced through variable weaves only in the areas of greatest stress. Today, years later, it is time for the Strung upper, a new adidas patent that we can consider an evolution of that technology. And the Adizero Prime X Strung is the first commercial model to make this new technology available.

What is the Strung Technology

As adidas itself explains, Strung is a new upper concept made from yarns with different mechanical properties and studied on real data recorded during the activities of different types of runners. The aesthetics of this upper – to call it a fabric or a mesh is not precise – looks like that of the Olympic stadium at the 2008 Beijing Olympics: the image that is most easily juxtaposed with it is that of a bird’s nest, and it is no coincidence that that stadium is called “The Nest”. It is actually the result of a kind of mapping of the forces acting on the athlete’s foot and shoe during a run.

The evolution constituted by this material (technically it is not really a fabric) is that the threads that compose it have varying densities and strengths depending on the mechanical stress they must withstand.

Adidas Adizero Prime X Strung

Adizero: experimentation always starts here

Introduced as an experimental technology back in June 2021, today the Strung upper is finally available on an adidas shoe, not coincidentally an Adizero, which has always been adidas’ highest performing and most extreme family.

In short, take an Adizero, remove the “normal” upper and mount the Strung on it: you get the Adizero Prime X Strung, an even more high-performance shoe because on an already proven and extremely fast Lightstrike sole/midsole system and carbon bars, it mounts an upper that promises perfect adaptability to the foot of the most demanding runner and, above all, ensures many, many miles of “carefree” running, thanks to its seamless construction designed at every point to provide the best mechanical response to every stress of the runner.

You can find the adidas Adizero Prime X Strung in the best running and sports stores or in the adidas online store, priced at 280 euros.



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