ASICS GEL-NIMBUS 24: the rebirth

ASICS’ NIMBUS are, for all intents and purposes, an institution in the global running scenario. Enough to say that there are many runners younger than this model. A shoe that, for many years, was developed with a conservative, reassuring approach: you always knew what to expect when you put them on your feet. Kind of like when you go to mom’s for lunch and you already know what you’re going to find on the table.

To date.

Yeah, until today. Because ASICS designers, with the NIMBUS 24, have done a job that – without fear of exaggeration – I would call excellent.
Continuing the metaphor, this year “mom” ASICS has you find new, more exciting, more sensory, more fun dishes on the table. Maintaining the classic chef’s imprint but with a result that is, for all intents and purposes, a major innovation.

Yes, because after getting used to the fact that every year a new NIMBUS comes out “evolved” from the previous one, today we are looking at a shoe with a different, totally new approach. Both technically and in feeling.

A new project

Probably due to the fact that ASICS is pursuing a project that focuses heavily on running-related mental well-being, the new NIMBUS 24 change in running sensations and evolve into a whole new design.

Let’s start with the big news: the Flytefoam Blast+ compound midsole (the same as the NOVABLASTs) is very comfortable, cushioned, and has greater energy return. And you can feel it from the first step, even in warm-up. You clearly feel its dynamic qualities.
Qualities also amplified by the total weight reduction (290 grams the men’s version, 247 grams the women’s).

Thanks in part to the very lightweight and breathable upper, the overall feel is of a shoe that combines freedom with protection. No longer is there that traditional “held back foot” impression; now the entire upper-midsole-sole system works in perfect coordination to make you feel one of the most beautiful values of running: freedom.

Feel the rebound, energy return, push and cushioning. In short, you feel that everything is designed to entertain you. And do it for many miles.

Yes, because the new ASICS GEL-NIMBUS 24 maintain a characteristic of the models that preceded them: they are made to run for a long time.

In addition, and this is very important in this context, the ASICS LITE outsole is designed to provide much higher than average life and total mileage.

Quality can be felt in the details

The durable sole is just one of the details you notice, and-still in this area-another very important detail is that it is integrated into the midsole only where it is needed. Why? To keep the weight down, of course.

And then there is the tongue, which is strange but extremely comfortable, functional, light and breathable. Probably one of the best ones on the market today.

These are just two examples but, really, in every detail you can sense careful design down to the smallest detail.

A soothing news

All the changes in the new NIMBUS 24, however, have not resulted in a shoe that would be disorienting to those already familiar with them. Some details such as the drop (10mm for men and 13mm for women), the padding at the collar of the shoe, a still fairly “traditional” look make you perceive-as I said at the beginning-the new NIMBUS as a shoe that has kept everything functional and soothing that the previous models had and declined it by evolving it into something new.

Who are they for?

The new GEL-NIMBUS 24 will appeal to a very wide audience, virtually any runner who wants a shoe that is very cushioned, extremely comfortable and can be used in a variety of contexts, even in races-as far as I’m concerned.

Of course, if you want pure performance and can handle them, the products in the METASPEED family are born with speed in mind. But if you want to enjoy the experience of training and marathons, the NIMBUS 24 are absolutely perfect.

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