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How many of us run before the sun rises or after the sun has now set? Many, some would say too many. Brooks estimated about 60% between regular and casual runners. Some people do it by choice and some do it out of necessity, especially now that the days are getting shorter and there are fewer and fewer hours of daylight. Brooks knows this and is launching the new Run Visible collection, a complete line of clothing, shoes and accessories specifically designed for running (even) in low-light conditions.

The entire collection shares three cornerstones that have been the fil-rouge throughout the production process: high contrast, reflective elements and fluorescence. The result is an outfit that allows the runner to be spotted by a vehicle in the dark over 180 meters away.

High contrast

All garments involve a black/white color combination so that they are immediately visible from a distance. Also Ghost 14 and Glycerin 20 shoes use the same black uppers and white midsoles, while the fast Hyperion Tempo reverses these colors, additionally adding neon yellow laces.


Fluorescent yellow is the second ubiquitous element. This particular coloring absorbs light and returns it to ensure maximum visibility: the white/fluo combination is then what gives the collection character and makes it instantly recognizable.

Reflective elements

Finally, the massive use of 3M™ Scotchlite™ Carbon Black Stretch inserts closes the loop; these finishes are placed mainly in the peripheral areas of the body (wrists, ankles, shoulders) and are also a key element of accessories such as gloves, socks and hat.

What I particularly appreciate is that this is a truly comprehensive collection: from tank tops to gloves, leggings to padded vests, and rain gear (which converts into a handy backpack) and socks. Which does not mean that we have to dress like a traffic light, but instead that we have the opportunity – by wearing even one of the items in the collection – to make ourselves visible without necessarily sacrificing our usual outfit.

Check out all the Run Visible products on the Brooks website.


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