SHOKZ Openrun: the review

Some time ago I had had a chance to try the SHOKZ Openrun Pro, the flagship model of the brand that makes bone-conduction headphones(find the review here), and the result had been great. There is also a more economical model that maintains virtually unchanged comfort and safety features: the SHOKZ Openrun.

Unlike other products, the Openrun are not a “fallback” choice to the flagship model, they simply have different features that position them as a – simply – different alternative.

I used them throughout last summer, thanks in part to their IP67 (Waterproof) water-resistant characteristics, in extreme weather, environmental and “sweat” conditions, and the result was truly remarkable: they are the perfect companions for any outdoor sport.

Thanks to bone conduction technology( I explain how it works here ), the SHOKZ Openrun are perfect when training in any context, such as the street, where it is essential to never lose contact with your surroundings.
And with 8 hours of battery life, they accompany you everywhere, even on long (and sometimes tedious) rides where you have to grind out a lot of miles. The battery fully recharges in an hour and a half but, more importantly, after 10 minutes of power still provides you with an hour and a half of use. Very useful if, like me, you don’t always remember to charge every single electronic device.

What about the audio quality?

The Openrun use an earlier bone conduction technology than their Openrun Pro sisters. It is probably perceptible only by paying extreme attention to the separation between different frequencies, but when you are on the road in “real use,” you are not aware of it at all.

Indeed, music becomes a pleasant soundtrack to the reality that surrounds you and to which you remain closely connected at all times. You can hear incoming cars, bikes, even birds singing, and the main feeling is that you are always present and aware of what is going on around you. Personally, I can’t even imagine running or cycling with my ears “plugged” anymore.

From the standpoint of “pure” audio, again, they are comparable to traditional mid-range headphones-a great accomplishment considering the different technology and the benefits they bring-and are great for both listening to music and enjoy a podcast.

Talking about podcasts, because of their sound characteristics, it’s practically impossibile to hear any difference compared to using a traditional headset. Very good.

Summing up

With their soft and comfortable material, sweat and water resistance, bone conduction technology, and safety features, the SHOKZ Openrun are the perfect companions for any workout from the outdoors.
And with the list price of 139.95 euros, the Openruns are also very good value for money.


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