The essence of running according to Craft

It is very interesting (and even challenging, for me) to witness the process of analysis that many brands are doing. And I am not talking about products or technologies, but what is on top of it: the meaning of running.

Last November 4, Craft presented his Ultimate Guide to Running – which reminds to some the very famous “Guide” by Douglas Adams – and, in the very lofty name, encapsulates the true essence of running.

The Ultimate Guide to Running is in fact a 240-page coffee table book, very graphically refined and accompanied by Tommy “Rivs” Puzey‘s preface, which contains only two sentences:

Left foot. Right foot.

Is there anything else needed in running? No. The essence of it is just putting one foot in front of the other, a kind of hymn to resilience then, because that is what makes us runners.

Says Tommy: “As runners we are constantly bombarded with promises of tricks, miracle products, secret workouts and shortcuts. Lots of conflicting voices telling us what to do – from how to train to how to move. This is not only distracting and confusing but also distracts us from the real essence of running, from what really keeps us moving. Left foot, right foot.”

Of course, I would add, there is the technique, the sharing, the technology, everything. But when only the essential remains, what remains is always just that: Left foot. Right foot.

And it’s nice that Craft has made this reflection.

Craft’s Definitive Guide to Running is already available for purchase, directly on the Swedish brand’s website:


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