Under Armour HOVR Infinite 4: comfort for many miles

I have always greatly appreciated the UA HOVR Infinite for their reliable behavior, cushioning and comfort. They are “sincere” shoes from their first version.
In addition, in a market that is increasingly evolving toward very lightweight midsole compounds with little durability, it’s interesting to find shoes like the Infinite that are designed to ensure their characteristics remain unchanged for so many miles.

In the HOVR Infinite 4 these features are confirmed, evolving to amplify them but without distorting the initial project.

Simple is better

The new version shows a very smart trend: minimizing unnecessary elements to achieve a lighter, simpler shoe that is just as convenient, comfortable and durable.

Comfort is the first element you appreciate as soon as you put them on. The upper is highly breathable and gives you a very lightweight feel. It is snug-fitting and provides support at the heel and medial area of the foot; with a generous tongue that negates any uncomfortable feeling associated with even the tightest, most snug-fitting lacing. In short, to make a long story short, even when your foot gets tired during longer runs, you have the support you need that always provides optimal support.

And then you start running.

Welcome back “break-in”

You feel from the first steps that this is a shoe that will last a long time because the midsole, mile after mile, changes behavior. Indeed, in the first few runs it conveys a solid feel that, a little at a time, gives way to soft cushioning. Basically, the new Under Armour HOVR Infinite 4 need a little break-in to express themselves at their best. In truth, this is not a feature peculiar to the shoe but is common to all products equipped with the HOVR compound.

The dynamic behavior of the Infinite 4 is extremely pleasant: you simultaneously feel a feeling of lightness, comfort and support. All together. You can enjoy even the longest runs – the ideal terrain for these new Under Armour.

In my case, after about forty kilometers, comfort took over everything and I had the feeling that running very long was easy: the legs get tired much sooner than the HOVR Infinite 4. ;-)

Be careful, though: comfort does not mean boredom! In fact, the lightweight feel entices you to pick up the pace, and I am convinced that the Infinite 4 can be considered shoes for running a marathon for most runners. They have the ability, in fact, to make the “journey” to 42,195 meters pleasant and enjoyable.

The shoe’s technical package is completed by an outsole that ensures the correct grip in all weather conditions and with a more durable compound at the heel: these are shoes that have the potential to carry you for a long time and many miles. ;-)

In conclusion

The Under Armour HOVR Infinite 4 are shoes suitable for any runner. Both for those who are just starting out and want comfortable and reliable shoes to start running, and for those who want to take full advantage of the Infinite 4’s 295 grams and 8 mm drop to make their runs – even the longest ones – comfortable and fun.

You can buy them at the list price of 130 euros at Under Armour Brand Houses:

  • Via Orefici 13, Milan
  • Piazza Gae Aulenti 6, Milan
  • Centro Carosello, Carugate (MI)
  • OrioCenter, Orio al Serio (BG)
  • Romaest, Rome (RM)
  • Via del Tritone 176, Rome (RM)

Or you can search for the retailer nearest you, where to see live and try on Under Armour running shoes and apparel.


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