Energy Rods: the new frontier of carbon in fast running shoes

In recent years, the concept of performance in running goes hand in hand with the carbon plates in the midsoles of the fastest shoes.
The purpose of the plates is twofold: on one hand, they serve to give more stability to running shoes that use very soft and responsive foams; on the other hand, the carbon plate increases propulsion during take-off because it “charges like a spring” during the roll.

The shoes that have won the most marathons in the past year, however, do not use carbon plates.

I’m talking about the adidas Adizero Adios Pro 3. And to define their performance qualities, you have to know that, in the last year, half of the total podiums were theirs. Half!

The Adizero Adios Pro, in fact, are running shoes that use a very different and more ingenious system than carbon plates: they have Energy Rods 2.0 in the sole.

As you can see from the “exploded” photo of the shoe, there are 5 carbon composite bars inserted full-length inside the Lightstrike Pro midsole.

What are they for and how do they work?

The main purpose is similar to carbon plates but the principle of operation is completely different.

While the “braided” part of the Energy Rods 2.0 closest to the heel serves to give support and stability to the tarsal bones and foot support more generally, the 5 rods serve to support and amplify the movement and thrust of the metatarsal bones and the phalanges of the foot.

Said in simpler words: they are a kind of exoskeleton that amplifies and supports the movement of the foot, from landing to take-off. Working, of course, in perfect harmony with the Lightstrike Pro of which the entire midsole of the Adizero Adios Pro is composed.
In fact, it’s no coincidence that the design of the Energy Rods mimics the very bone structure of the foot.

This brings great performance and it’s demonstrated by the great results adidas athletes are achieving in all major competitions around the world.

But the benefits do not end there.

Another general characteristic of hyper-performance shoes in recent years is that they are not suitable for all athletes’ feet. If you don’t have perfect running technique and the pace/times of an experienced, high-performance athlete, these are not the right shoes for you. For a very simple reason: they “force” you to run at a certain pace and in a certain way, what works for them.
If you try to control the pace, you simply cannot.

With the adidas Adizero Adios Pro equipped with the Energy Rods 2.0 system, the situation changes dramatically: the pace is easily controlled. And even with the obvious feeling of having a super-fast shoe on your feet, you are able to express yourself the way you want to, according to your own characteristics.
Precisely because technology amplifies your movement rather than forcing you to do something different.

You always have a big energy return but it is very manageable and, therefore, more fun as well.

This approach is very interesting because it makes you understand what is behind the design of the whole technology package: to provide a tool for great performance that is accessible to everyone.

In short, just like Evans Kiplagat Chebet, you too can give your all and break your records. With a fast and accessible tool.


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