Futto: a wearable support gear, not just for injuries

  • Futto is a rehabilitation and walking support system consisting of a belt and rubber cables strategically placed on the legs.
  • Futto’s system helps reduce muscle strain by providing support to weak points in the legs and improving the body’s biomechanics while walking.


Yoshihiro Yamada has been working in the rehabilitation field for years, and the experience he has gained has enabled him to develop a system consisting of a strap to which rubber cables are attached that helps those who need to recover after an injury or even the elderly to perform rehabilitation exercises or even, simply, to walk.
In fact, its function is to provide support at particularly weak points in the legs, assisting biomechanics and helping the muscular system to exert less effort.

It would seem to be a contradiction: if a part of the body is debilitated, how is it possible that putting it in compression (since the rubber cables “pull”) can help it make less effort? Yamada’s knowledge from body mechanics helped him in research and development, and the result is Futto.

What it looks like and how it works

In itself, Futto consists of a belt to be attached to the abdomen to which are attached two pairs of rubber cables that run down the legs in strategic positions to attach under the feet in the midfoot and heel area.

Once worn, Futto has a dual function: it “compresses” the limbs and stretches the back, also lowering the center of gravity, so as to further facilitate exercise performance and stability.

Specifically, it acts in three distinct phases.

First phase
Once put on, when trying to raise the legs, the iliopsoas muscles (located at the height of the femur) are supported by Futto, allowing the patient to naturally lift the thighs. At the same time, the system makes it easier to lift knees and heels to avoid tripping. At the same time in supporting foot is firmly on the ground to avoid loss of balance.

Second phase
When you move the first step, you advance your foot so that your heel rests to set the next step. At this stage Futto lifts the wearer’s fingers, preventing tripping. Movement is also aided by gluteal support, improving posture upon landing.

Third phase
By now accustomed to the movement, the wearer is able to repeat it more fluently, partly because of the lowered center of gravity, which communicates more stability.

In short, this system assists the biomechanics of walking, improving posture, preventing fall injuries that would be decidedly ironic for patients who are already recovering from other injuries.

(Via Designboom)


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