Garmin Clipboard: the perfect connection between coach and athlete

Garmin launched today, Jan. 11, 2023, Clipboard: a new app that will become very important for coaches, the way they work, and the management of teams and individual athletes.

Clipboard is a free, comprehensive workout tracking solution for all coaches and athletes using a compatible Garmin smartwatch. Through the app they will in fact be able to Track key data, analyze performances and take advantage of hundreds of predefined workouts directly from their Apple or Android device (It is compatible with Apple MacBooks with M1 or M2 chips, Google Chromebooks with Google Play Store, and Apple and Android tablets and smartphones).

How it works is super simple: once a coach adds individual athletes or the entire team to Garmin Clipboard, athletes can record running sessions on their Garmin sportwatch and sync with Garmin Connect to automatically record activity on Garmin Clipboard. Then the coach will be able to see it, analyze it, and keep track of the athlete’s progress at all times.

In detail, the coach in addition to examining metrics such as splits, pace, and VO2max for each team member will also be able to:

  • Tracking the advanced dynamics of running and sprints
  • Apply threshold filters to teams or individual athletes
  • Access hundreds of predefined workouts
  • Add custom workouts
  • Stay up-to-date on an athlete’s injuries and recovery process
  • Send announcements and goals to an entire team
  • Leave notes on training and workouts for individual athletes

Needless to say, Clipboard is a perfect tool for a time like this when – increasingly – we are being followed by a remote coach.

A solution that will make life easier for coaches because they will have a lot of data available directly from our Garmin, and it will make the relationship with athletes easier because the workouts will come directly into our Garmin sportwatch.

Yes, I know, you could do many of these things with the help of third-party platforms. Now, however, everything is easier. And all within a strong ‘ecosystem’ that is much easier to use and understand, including the simplicity and clarity of the data.

Welcome, Garmin Clipboard!


All the information with download links can be found at.


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