Goodmorning Runlovers: a minute to read it, a day to be inspired by it

We have an ambition: to become your new daily habit. We would like to keep you company in the morning when you drink your first coffee of the day or when you have breakfast. But let’s start with the premises right away and get to the promises.

The premises

Goodmorning Runner is a newsletter started a couple of years ago by the intuition of Andrea Corradin. We liked it immediately because:

  1. It is very quick to read: one minute at most!
  2. It is punctual: every day, Monday through Friday, never later than 8:30 a.m.
  3. It inspires you throughout the day.

Who would give up a good story, an inspiring sentence, a motivating thought that they can receive in such a short time? None, and in fact we became happily addicted to it. So much so that one day we proposed to him that we join forces and make it Runlovers’ daily newsletter, as we recounted in this installment of Outlaw.

And the promises

Goodmorning Runlovers has the same format as Goodmorning Runner: you can read it in less than a minute, it arrives in your inbox every day , and if you are already subscribed to our newsletter you will receive it without doing anything else. Even those who were already subscribed to Goodmorning Runner don’t have to do anything-the subscription to the new newsletter is automatic.

When and how will you receive it? Starting today and then in the future, Monday through Friday, by 8:30 a.m., directly to your mailbox.

What if you are not enrolled or want to enroll a friend or your aunt? No worries: just go to the bottom of any Runlovers page and click on the button you see below.

A popup will appear where you can leave your email address. You will then receive a welcome email and taaac, finished. We just ask you to check the spam box: if we ended up there, please save us!

If Goodmorning Runlovers inspires you, if you would like to give us suggestions or compliment us (😬) please leave a comment: we will make sure to reply and we will certainly read it. So: thank you in advance :)

We talk by email, every day Monday through Friday by 8:30 a.m., to have breakfast together.


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