Le Coq Sportif R2024, the beautiful run

  • Le Coq Sportif’s R2024 is the new running shoe model inspired by next year’s Paris Olympics, of which the brand will be an official sponsor.
  • They have a sleek design with a thin but durable upper that wraps the foot comfortably and securely, providing good ventilation thanks to the many holes on the mesh.
  • Sole technology provides a dynamic and fast ride, with a front curvature that promotes forward relaunch and an EVA insert for good cushioning.

At first glance

White, red and blue. The choice of color scheme is not random, nor is the name of Le Coq Sportif’s new running shoe model. One only has to do 2+2 to realize that every reference in the new R2024 calls to the Olympics to be held in Paris next year. Event where the brand will be present as an official sponsor.

With the brand’s logo embroidered on one side, the R2024 represents a new springboard into the world of road racing for the French brand.

At first fit

Elegantly cut, it has a tapered silhouette that narrows slightly at the toe. The upper is made of a single piece that is as thin as it is strong enough to wrap around the back of the foot in a protective embrace, conveying comfort and security. Numerous holes of different sizes in several places on the mesh ensure good ventilation.

Lightweight and breathable, it gently conforms to the shape of the foot thanks to an effective lacing system and a tongue with anti-friction properties. Additional holes distributed right along the tongue accentuate its ventilation.

The sole of the foot rests on a breathable and durable Ortholite insole that adds more comfort to the fit.

The ride with R2024 is a dynamic, crisp, fast ride. Credit goes to the technology of the sole, Dynactif 2.0. This has a special curvature at the front that gives a forward relaunching feeling with good energy return. The EVA insert at the heel, on the other hand, provides good cushioning. These two features work in synergy step by step conveying a feeling of fluidity of movement.

A shoe to take advantage of on outings when you feel like opening up the throttle and increasing your speed step by step.

Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité

Freedom is the first feeling I felt when I went out to run for the first time with R2024.

Running into other runners along my route, I couldn’t help but think about the sense of equality that exists among those who run. Running, more than anything else, is able to smooth out (almost) all differences between human beings.

In the face of running, not only are we all equal in the fatigue of the technical gesture, but we are also all “brothers.” It establishes a kind of brotherhood to be understood as friendship that is created among those who share strong emotions such as those given to us by running.

When I wear a new shoe, I try to listen to it. This is what R2024 whispered in my ear.


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