New Balance Fresh Foam X Trail More v3: pure fun

We had talked about it some time ago at the launch and our first feeling about the New Balance Fresh Foam More Trail v3 had been of a shoe of great substance. And that feeling was confirmed by a very thorough test that defined its ideal habitat and extreme limits.

But let’s start from the beginning.

First of all, it must be said that the New Balance Fresh Foam X Trail More v3 are probably the trail shoes with the highest stack (midsole height) on the market. This feature, combined with the Fresh Foam X compound, makes them extremely comfortable and responsive shoes with excellent behavior both off-road and on asphalt. All accompanied by the fact that you realize that they are born to grind miles upon miles, on any surface and without the slightest sign of failure.

The shoe

Right out of the box, the first thing you think is that the New Balance Fresh Foam X Trail More v3 are beautiful, damn beautiful. With design down to the smallest detail, and the best aspect is that you can’t wait to get them dirty. How important is this aspect in the overall evaluation of a shoe? Very little or all, depending on your point of view. But I can confess that just knowing I had to put them on my feet made me want to run.

The upper is strong, lightweight, and breathable, with stiffer elements-applied externally on the toe to protect fingers from roots and stones. The laces are very soft and, while always keeping the lacing firm, they adapt perfectly to the movement of the foot without ever(and I repeat, never) tightening in any way.

The 4 mm drop midsole, made of Fresh Foam X, is the one we had already found in the road version while the Vibram XT Trek EVO outsole, while not covering the entire surface, you feel it will be able to give you the right grip.

All for a total weight of 320 grams in the men’s version and 260 grams in the women’s version.

Then you put them on your feet and have a feeling of total comfort.

Let’s hit the road

As soon as you put them on, also accomplice to the softness and responsive dynamics of the midsole, the Fresh Foam X Trail More v3 give you a pleasant feeling of lightness. From here, however, describing them is not at all easy because they are shoes that have multiple personalities and uses.

Certainly their ideal environment ranges from light trail to American-style ultras. That is, all those situations where you run off-road-or on/off-with no particular technical sections to overcome. Single track, forest roads, alpine and hilly trails, dirt roads, mud, bath and asphalt (in all possible combinations) give you a lot of fun with Trail More v3s on your feet.
While it must be said that in the more technical sections, the high stack needs runners with excellent proprioception. It is also true, however, that, just in the New Balance house, there are other models more suitable for more extreme trails such as, for example, the Hierros.

I personally believe that the Fresh Foam X Trail More v3 are perfect shoes for a great many runners who want to safely enjoy most of the off-road trails we can find behind our front door.

I’ve already mentioned fun twice because it’s the main emotion you feel running in Trail More v3s and it’s the result of a perfectly balanced shoe. The cushioning and responsiveness are ideal, the comfort and thermoregulation of the foot are impeccable, and the grip is secure even in mud. Remarkably, on the latter surface, the Fresh Foam X Trail More v3s drain the dirt quickly, and after a couple of strides, you find yourself with a perfectly clean sole again and maximum grip potential.

In conclusion

If I were to make a motorcycle comparison, the Fresh Foam X Trail More v3 would be maxi-enduros. Those motorcycles with which you can ride through the desert, go off-road but also take long road trips.

With a list price of 170 euros, they rank at the high end but, without a doubt, they are worth it.


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