NNormal launches No Trace Program to recycle your old running gear

NNormal, the brand founded by Kilian Jornet after departing from Salomon, has taken a very clear direction from its beginning: long life for your running gear to keep its environmental impact as low as possible. After all, its motto is “Your path, no trace.”

Consistent with this philosophy of responsible use of their products, NNormal has recently launched a very interesting and useful running gear recovery and recycling program.

No Trace Program

Every year – hold on to that -20 billion pairs of shoes are purchased around the world. Ninety percent of these are neither recycled nor disposed of properly. Here is explained with two simple numbers the size of the problem.

To send a signal and at least contain the problem to the extent of its ability, NNormal launched the “No Trace” program of taking back both shoes (road and trail) and clothing for recycling.

We all love the runs we did in our favorite pair of shoes but the day comes when we have to abandon them because they have worn out or broken. NNormal promises to take them back and recycle them (regardless of their brand, the program covers any shoe or technical clothing item) and give them a second life. Not only that, it also informs you about their second life, that is, it undertakes to tell you what became of them and how they were recovered.

How it works

Joining the program is very simple: just specify how many things you want to give back, what kind they are, and then register. You will receive a receipt that will allow you to mail it to collection points or deliver it in person at participating stores (the program is active for now in Europe and the US, excluding some islands). That’s it.

NNormal declares its philosophy in its own mission statement, “We know it’s not what we say, but what we do, that defines who we are.”

Do you want to find out what happens to many thrown-away shoes? This.




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