Saucony Kinvara Pro: the art of efficiency

  • The Saucony Kinvara Pro are shoes expressly designed for racing but also for training.
  • “Pro” means progress and propulsion; responsive PWRRUN PB foam and carbon plate for excellent performance.
  • The carbon fiber plate provides continuous thrust, while the durable upper makes them your training and racing companions for a long time


Imagine a pair of running shoes capable of capturing the magic of marathons and turning it into a light, continuous push. Saucony’s Kinvara Pros are just that: a cocktail of responsive foam and a carbon fiber plate combined to give you the perfect boost, in competition and in training.

Do not be misled: “Pro” in this case does not mean “Professional” but “progress,” “propulsion.”
What are the ingredients to achieve the “Pro” formula? An easy-as-a-feather shoe, Saucony’s SPEEDROLL technology (practically a turbo for your legs), a PWRRUN PB midsole-a kind of elastic underfoot that returns 90 percent of your energy, and then there’s a PWRRUN insole for more protection and durability on ground contact than marathon running shoes.

And then there is the heart of the Kinvara Pro: a carbon fiber plate that runs 3/4 of the way up the plant and propels you forward.

S for Speed

It is the S-shaped midsole that pushes you forward, giving flexibility to the forefoot to give you the freedom to move as you wish.

Often these extreme marathon models have very lightweight but also less wear-resistant uppers. The Kinvara Pro’s, on the other hand, is like a light armor that protects them so they can be used always and for a very long time. And without weighing too much, indeed: in fact, the men’s model weighs much less than 300 grams: 269, to be exact, while the women’s model weighs only 240. All with 8 mm of drop.

Kinvara Pros are also Earth-friendly: they are built with respect to vegan principles and use recycled materials.


You can buy the Saucony Kinvara Pro in the best sports stores or in the Saucony store for 220 euros.


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