Saucony Ride 16 and Guide 16, on the right track

Saucony updates two of its most beloved models and does so by introducing many new features and much comfort. Here come Guide and Ride 16 that increasingly define their vocations as performance and reliable shoes, but above all very versatile in adapting to different types of runners. But let’s look at them in detail.

Ride 16

The secret lies in the PWRRUN foam-in this version further lightened and more elastic-and the PWRRUN+ insole. The goal is to achieve a smoother, more comfortable ride for one of Saucony’s most beloved models in the neutral shoe segment.

The novelties do not end there, indeed: a specially designed midsole profile facilitates rolling – that is, the heel-to-toe transition – and the protective, bandaged feel of the upper is amplified by the midsole’s cockpit shaping, which has higher edges at the sides, resulting in the foot being better held in place and not just resting on it.

The result is the perception of great stability and safety for long, comfortable runs, even more evident with the revamped FORMFIT lacing system that allows the upper to fit every part of your foot.

The Saucony Ride 16 are on sale in the best running stores and in the Saucony shop for €150.

Guide 16

Guide 16 is Saucony’s most stable model, and you can tell by the importance of the midsole and the level of protection it provides. The Guide 16s also use the PWRRUN midsole foam and the PWRRUN+ insole but differ from the Ride 16 in that they feature the Hollow Tech system, which, without adding weight, allows for better control of the stride by correcting it.

Forefoot flexibility has been increased and midsole edge shaping is raised (similar to the Ride 16) to increase the feeling of protection and to better envelop the foot.

Saucony Guide 16 are on sale in the best running stores and in the Saucony shop priced at 150€.


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