The coolest emerging brands for running apparel


  • Several independent brands are creating stylish and technical sportswear lines.
  • Running is increasingly an activity that combines not only the demand for practicality in clothing but also functionality: feeling comfortable and beautiful is equally important.


The connection between running and fashion is increasingly pronounced and strong. This is evidenced by the wave of independent brands that are introducing increasingly sophisticated, exclusive and stylish apparel lines to the sports market. Without neglecting the technical aspect in the choice of cuts and selection of materials. Running is a sport that compared to others, such as cycling for example, requires minimal equipment to get started. Minimal is not synonymous with improvised. Gone are the days of going out running in acetate shorts and terry socks. Although some “must-haves” are still there as can be seen on the sfashion jogger Instagram page. A T-shirt made of breathable fabric, a lightweight short and a technical sock is the abc to get started.

Sometimes it is a matter of vanity. Not only feeling comfortable in your appearance when running but also feeling beautiful is for some an integral part of the fun that running represents. The act of getting dressed is for some a true pre-run ritual.

Feeling good and feeling beautiful* in the clothing you wear may, in some cases, give you that mental boost you need to achieve new goals. Christian Weigand, founder of Runners Highest, an Instagram page that tracks and documents fashionable running brands and industry trends, argues that a sort of “placebo effect” occurs. If you think about it, even you in your closet will have that tank top, T-shirt or any other garment that makes you feel invincible once you put it on.

If you, too, have drawers that are exploding but are still looking for a new T-shirt to match that short that would look good with that sock, get comfortable* because the reading might get particularly interesting.

Let’s review some of the most fashionable and innovative brands from which you might find your new favorite garment.


Whether you are a seasoned runner or just starting out, you will find a garment for you among the Balmoral offerings. The garments are designed and thought out for your needs, so that you can focus on achieving your best performance, with the knowledge that you are making a positive impact on both your health and the environment.

It is not enough for running apparel to be stylish and functional, it must also be socially responsible. That is why there is a commitment on Balmoral’s part to support local communities by purchasing materials from ethical and sustainable sources.

With a slightly retro style, lines and colors could make you take a dip into the past by taking you back to your high school years.

Bandit Running

Founded by members of a New York City-based running group, Bandit is a brand that makes high-performance garments that are breathable and silky to the touch. A brand that was born and developed around a community of runners. A project that started in October 2020 and has also grown through the influence of running crews from other countries that have helped make Bandit the brand it is today.


CAYL(Climb As You Love) is an emerging brand born out of a passion for climbing and outdoor sports by expanding production to the world of runnning. Headquartered in South Korea since 2011, the brand has been producing highly technical garments that cross the boundaries that separate opposite worlds, such as the mountain from the city.


Surely there will be someone in your group of friends who will sport a Ciele cap during your outings. A brand that has become hyperpopular thanks to its super-lightweight running caps, made of technical fabric with reflective inserts so they are visible even in low-light conditions. In addition to accessories and numerous capsule collections in collaboration with other brands (with Puma, Salomon, and norda to name a few), the Canadian brand has expanded its offerings by also producing an equally high-performance clothing line.

District vision

Futuristic and made-in-Japan hues are the hallmarks of District Vision. Led by two fashion industry vets, since 2015 the brand has steadily produced lines of running garments that are not only beautiful to look at but also technically sound. This was made possible by the valuable input from the community of athletes who provided timely feedback in the testing phases.

The garments in the collection are varied and are also suitable for use in everyday life.


Erniold is another brand that originated from a community that wants to inspire more people to move. Her clothing line is easily recognizable because of the garment care label on the back. Some details enhance its comfort, such as tapered sleeves for ease of movement or compression fabric on the socks that gives them greater stability.


Janji from Indonesian means promise. A brand that pays close attention to the choice of materials and is constantly looking for ways to optimize the performance, durability and sustainability of the garments that are produced.

The Janji collective is the membership program in which 100 percent of membership dues are donated to support programs to expand access to clean water worldwide in the places where we run. It is from this primary intent that the brand takes its name.

A capsule collection in collaboration with La Sportiva was also recently launched. A complete kit that includes the Jackal II trail running shoe model (on pre-order on the site and available Sept. 25) coordinated with apparel for running on mountain trails without going unnoticed.

Miler Running

Miler Running makes practical clothing with highly technical fabrics. Running represents more than a sport. It is not just a physical activity; it is a real culture that arises from individuals and communities influencing the internal design process.

The design is deeply influenced by New York, the city where the garments are designed and made. As the city and urban context changed, the style of the brand’s collections and proposals changed.

On running

The constant innovation that distinguishes the Swiss brand’s line of running shoes can also be found in its clothing line. All product lines, whether footwear or apparel, are united by being lightweight and allowing maximum agility in movement.


Like Ciele, Rnnr is also a brand that specializes in caps. However, he also has a clothing line with bright and vibrant colors. In addition, with each purchase Rnnr goes to fund local youth running programs to encourage young people to play sports.


Parisian brand Satisfy’s innovative silhouettes and materials have won over runners with a penchant for streetwear. The MothTech T-Shirt is among the most popular garments. At first glance, a simple pierced t-shirt. In fact, the series of small holes are strategically placed for better ventilation.

The influence from the fashion world is evident and is dictated by the previous experiences of the brand’s founders.

Soar Running

Founded in Hackney, London, in 2015 by designer and runner Tim Soar, Soar Running designs and manufactures running apparel that maximizes runner engagement. How? By providing them with garments produced with cutting-edge fabrics and technical details capable of putting you in the best condition for running. Merit for the founder’s experience in the field.


An independent brand on the market since 2013 that takes much of its inspiration from the running apparel in vogue in the early 1970s and 1980s. It caters to the audience of amateur runners, the Running Class, who seek excellence in their performance. It offers a range of products for race day but also for training and rest days.


With the understanding that each brand has a distinct responsibility for producing new garments in the market, Un-Sanctioned is committed to doing so in the best way possible. Each piece is made from recycled materials, from plastic bottles or industrial waste materials.

All fabrics are made in the city of Bergamo while all garments are ethically and sustainably produced in Portugal.


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