The phenomenon of running crews

There are situations when we feel lonely. Finding ourselves in a city we do not know and in which we do not know anyone for example. Inclusion and integration into a new society is not a given. There must be the opportunities to be able to do this and the willingness on the part of those who are already there to welcome someone new. There must be a predisposition to come into contact with the different. Experiencing moments like these could be alienating.

How to get out of it? Simple: by going for a run!

It is a formula that works wherever we are, around Italy but also abroad. Making appointments at the same place at the same time is an opportunity to make connections between people. The intent is to create aggregation by taking the pretext of going for a jog together. No wishful thinking about speed and pace to be kept. One runs at a pace to keep the group united and cohesive, perhaps to the beat of music spread by one or more Bluetooth speakers. Everyone is welcome, regardless of our personal choices. All judgment is reset to zero because the race smooths out differences by making us all equal in its eyes. This is the spirit upon which most of the emerging running crews around the world are based. A clearly expanding phenomenon.

There are crews that originate from a group of friends, others from sports teams and associations, and still others revolve around retailers and brands. The intent of each of these entities is to create new opportunities. Occasions for meeting, discussion, exchange. Opportunities for personal enrichment, all while running.

Like a herd of animals of the same species moves cohesively using the strength from the group to its advantage, running crews move compactly taking over city streets and parks at all hours of the day and night.

It is a new way of socializing, meeting new people and making new friends. After all, man is a social animal. It has an innate social propensity, with a few rare exceptions.

In addition to being a landmark in the area, some running crews are taking to heart all those new cohort of enthusiasts who have come to the running world as a result of the pandemic and are looking for useful tips and advice to “evolve.”

I am increasingly convinced that the future of running is in the hands of these new realities, which we at Runlovers are going to explore in future pieces.

Photo credit Coffee Run Club


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