Are you running a marathon? Here are 3 tips to enjoy it 100%

We conclude with the project – in collaboration with ASICS, technical sponsor of the Milano Marathon – to tell how running helps us improve; not only physically but also mentally.
And today we give you our tips to fully enjoy the experience.
Ready? Go!

We have arrived at the day of the marathon. The journey of preparation was long and intense. You struggled against hardships, fatigue became your friend, your character grew stronger, as did your legs, your lungs and your heart.
We know, it is always sorry when a journey ends but it is also true that there is a certain happiness in arriving. A kind of relief, a sense of accomplishment and pride in having succeeded. But there are still 42,195 meters to go before we can say we have really arrived. And it is precisely this last handful of meters-when compared to all the ones you have run-that are the most intense ones, maybe a little scary but to be enjoyed completely, from first to last.

And this is where we come in with the three most important tips for enjoying the marathon 100 percent.

1. Prepare everything but accept the unexpected

How do I dress? Did I remember everything? What shoes should I use?

We know, there are a thousand questions but what matters most is to arrive prepared. Clothing must be appropriate for the temperature (don’t overdress and use an old sweatshirt or plastic bag to cover you at the start ) and above all it must not be anything new and never tried before. Use socks that are kind of new but that you have already run with a couple of times, use the shoes you are best with in training, use only the most comfortable and “representative” tee and shorts.
The night before, prepare the gels you’ll use in the race and pin your bib to your tee, plan your breakfast, and get organized to figure out how to get to the start area without problems-best by public transportation, and remember that some roads may already be closed.

But don’t worry: something unexpected will happen! You just have to accept it and see it as an integral part of the experience, always remembering the words of the great sage: “If a problem is solvable, don’t worry about it because you will solve it; if a problem is not solvable, don’t worry about it anyway because there is no solution.”

In short, to enjoy it, don’t worry about it!

2. Breathe

What if you still worry? Breathe!

Breathing helps a great deal in dealing with small stressful situations.
Sit in a comfortable position and practice square breathing:

  • Inhale for 3 seconds;
  • Hold your breath for 3 seconds;
  • Exhale for 3 seconds;
  • Stay in apnea for 3 more seconds.
    And repeat for a few minutes. You will see that as you normalize your breathing, the worry will also vanish.

It is also a useful method to practice the night before the race to relax, empty your mind of worries and fall asleep quickly.

3. Head up and eyes open

The energy and beauty of the marathon is also in the places you run, the other runners you share the experience with, and the support of the public.

Always keep your head up and your eyes wide open to enjoy the show. It will also help you think less about fatigue and absorb energy from the external environment. Most importantly, the images of the experience will be indelibly written in your mind.

And smile. Always!


ASICS stands for Anima Sana In Corpore Sano, indicating how much mind and body are connected and how much the brand makes this its banner. The complete vision of man composed of “soul” and “body” are also the fruit of the latest ASICS “Uplift your mind” campaign, related to mental well-being achieved through running.
To help those who need a reference with marathon tips and insights, ASICS has developed a HUB where you can find all the information you are looking for.


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