New Balance Fresh Foam More v4: lots of stuff

The new New Balance Fresh Foam More v4 have Fresh Foam in both name and de facto: one cannot say that, with that thick and prominent midsole, they go unnoticed. And if things can communicate on a psychological level as well, what these shoes tell you is: comfort, cushioning, responsiveness.

You can see it from their look, and you understand it even more from the name: these shoes are “More”.

In numbers

There are numbers that recur in Fresh Foam More v4, and those who are fans of numerology will not be able to miss them (but so will those who are not): the 4, with many of its multiples.

4 is the version number, being the fourth version of the FF More.
4 is the drop, making them maximals with a pronounced natural running tendency: very low drop for the most natural running possible but also comfort given by the “lots of substance” under the foot
6% (which is in 24, don’t spoil my argument on numbers, please!) is the increased responsiveness of this midsole, to push you even further and faster.
160: euros, that is their price, in the best sports stores or single-brand or online at the New Balance store.


And then there is the soft engineeredmesh upper that give support to your run and ensure maximum breathability, plus reflective details to be always visible even in the dark.

Prioritizing comfort and responsiveness, these New Balance stand out for their design and seemingly exaggerated choices in terms of the material used. But it is for a good reason: to make you run better and longer. Always with maximum protection.


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