PUMA Deviate Nitro 2 and Run XX Nitro: a propulsion for everyone

PUMA’s highest performing and fastest shoes have two different names and DNAs: they are called DEVIATE NITRO 2 and RUN XX NITRO. These are not just two different models; in fact, the RUN XX NITRO are designed for women’s feet only. PUMA’s choice was radical: not to design a unisex model to be later adapted to the female foot but to design a shoe that is designed exclusively for women from the ground up.

The result bears the abbreviation XX in its name, named after the DNA sequence of the female double X chromosome. The RUN XX are thus PUMA’s answer to women’s demand for products specifically designed for runners’ feet, or as PUMA itself puts it, this is the “Run for Her” philosophy.
But let’s just start with the RUN XX NITRO.

Ladies only

The color of RUN XX NITRO, first and foremost. The color combination is called Sunset Glow-Puma Black-Metallic Silver . Something that has the color and glow of the sunset in the toe box and then becomes an absolute black in the heel. A heel with a lower collar, designed to perfectly contain the foot and hold it firmly on the midsole made of NITRO Foam, PUMA’s nitrogen gas-enhanced compound to bring maximum elasticity and dynamic responsiveness.

The drop of the RUN XX NITRO is 8 mm (23 at the forefoot and 31 at the heel), so an intermediate drop that does not bring your run too much on the heel but rather, pushes you toward the balance point, namely the forefoot run.

If that’s not enough, and especially after you’ve racked up some mileage during one of your long runs, RUNGUIDE steps in, a kind of rigid fork that always keeps your foot well aligned so that your run is efficient, thus preventing injury.

Finally, the PUMAGRIP tread is especially resistant to abrasion, so you can put many, many miles on it.

The weight is 216 grams (size 37.5) and the cost at PUMA stores, the best running stores and in the PUMA online store is 130 euros.

The fastest speed

What’s the color of speed? According to PUMA it is Sun Stream-Sunset Glow. They certainly stand out, and not just because of the design. They have a NITRO ELITE compound midsole (higher performance and lighter weight-and you can feel it) and, most importantly, a PWRPLATE carbon plate for even more push off, coupled with PWRTAPE support on the upper for added support and strength.

The drop of this model is 8 millimeters and the weight is only 216 grams for the female model and 260 for the male model.

The DEVIATE NITRO 2 (here in the women’s version) are available at PUMA stores, the best running stores and in the PUMA online store for 160 euros.


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