Running is not an instantaneous process

Running, being able to put one step after the other that lead us to reach the first kilometer, the second, the tenth or the hundredth, is not an instantaneous and linear process and is not the same for everyone. On the contrary, given the extremely personal nature of the physical effort that one is going to make, one could say that it is almost normal for each person to reach the results he or she sets himself or herself in his or her own time.

However, there are a few things that apply to anyone approaching and intending to practice the sport, whether they intend to do it competitively or entirely amateur.

Trust your abilities

You don’t start from scratch and run ten kilometers on the edge of the world record. Improvement takes time and preparation; be patient.

Properly fed

Running is an energy-intensive activity. Even if you start running with the intention of losing a few pounds-a more than legitimate motivation-you still don’t have to stop eating, on the contrary. The quality of what you eat is essential. To run well you have to eat well, all the nutrients you need included. Even if you intend to follow a diet that can help you regulate your weight, it is best to do so with proper precautions and with the help of a medical nutritionist, preferably an expert in sports nutrition.

Find the right balance

Sporting activity is important and in many cases helps us to think, to disconnect from the stresses of our days and allows us to carve out a space of solitude, or companionship, which among other things allows us to regulate hormone production-thanks in particular to the famous endorphins-helping our bodies to be in balance. Running, however, if practiced obsessively, if it becomes a stressful component of our days, can turn from something akin to therapy into a disorder. Let’s give it the right space and try to ensure that it always remains an enjoyable activity.

Think about having fun

If the usual ride bores you, if the playlist you’ve listened to five hundred times starts to tire you, if you no longer want to train to run the ten kilometers, well… change it! Sometimes a small change results in big changes, and since running is most likely not your job, you can afford to change as many times as you want!

Last, but perhaps the most important and sums up in a few words the four points just read: listen to your body, it will hardly tell you lies.

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