Under Armour HOVR Sonic 5: soar!

Under Armour is one of the brands that has been bringing shoes to the market with cutting-edge technological solutions for the longest time, both in terms of design innovations and technical features, and also about connecting and recording activities. In fact, the UA universe makes it possible to have all the information that the shoes record and transmit to the smartphone thanks to the integrated bluetooth sensor at your fingertips, thanks to the many apps owned by the brand. For many other brands this integration is still a long way off, while for Under Armour it is now almost usual. The HOVR Sonic 5 also follow this philosophy and send data to the app during our activities, synchronizing as soon as the smartphone and shoe are within a close range. Under Armour is continually introducing improvements to the application and the data, allowing the user to have a rather detailed overview of how his workout went.

How the UA HOVR Sonic 5 are

The HOVR Sonic 5 are shoes that have a classic look that apparently doesn’t emphasize extreme design solutions, but behind this choice is the substance of a colorway and a choice of materials designed to the smallest detail. The upper is lightweight and the mesh (very stretchy) fits well to the foot, but without pressing on the collar or on the side. On the inside, partly due to the support given by the sole, you feel decent support of the plantar arch.

The position of the foot is also markedly defined both by the small silicone arch (TPU, to be precise) placed on the shell in support of the heel and by the particular design of the upper in engineered mesh, which is different in shape and width, depending on the position on the foot. For example, it is wider and less compressive on the side of the foot and thicker on the toe. All these solutions mean that the foot is firm, so if you want some more ‘freedom’, it is good to take half a number more than usual. The strength of the Sonic 5, however, is the HOVR system – Under Armour’s midsole solution.

HOVR: hovering

The name given by Under Armour to its cushioning system recalls the English word hover. The foam of proprietary conception is enclosed by a web designed to send back to the foot as much of the step energy. This gives you a more efficient ride and a performance increase. The combination of the HOVR system and outsole material drives you to brilliant runs and workouts far beyond the ‘usual’ pace.

The cut of the tread rubber is suitable for the road and very hard terrain, on which it offers a very high degree of grip indeed, allowing safe changes of pace and direction at all times. The middle part of the foot and the part under the heel have a recess to allow the foot to have a free area, avoiding direct stress and thus reducing the risk of trauma and injury. In short, you’ll appreciate every small detail.

In conclusion

UA HOVR Sonic 5 are shoes that don’t easily fall into one category, because of their versatility, you can run with them for easy runs but also for middle-distance races. It’s up to you.

Fun, in any case, is guaranteed.

You can buy the Under Armour HOVR Sonic 5 at the list price of 120 euros at Under Armour Brand Houses:

  • Via Orefici 13, Milan
  • Piazza Gae Aulenti 6, Milan
  • Centro Carosello, Carugate (MI)
  • OrioCenter, Orio al Serio (BG)
  • Romaest, Rome (RM)
  • Via del Tritone 176, Rome (RM)
  • Centro Sicilia, Catania (CT) – next opening 28/10

Or you can search for the nearest retailer, where to see live and try on Under Armour running shoes and apparel.

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