Booster Elite Evolution: the heir to selective compression

Lighter than its predecessor model due to the use of a new environmentally friendly microfiber. Easier to put on and take off because of the reworking of the compression zones, an aspect that makes it symmetrical, thus reducing the risk of incorrect positioning.

These are some of the features of the new Booster Elite Evolution presented by BV SPORT in Milan at the headquarters of Canottieri Olona.

Booster Elite Evolution is the result of three years of research and development as explained by Julien Romain, R&D and Training Manager at BV SPORT. The key words that guided the improvement process of its brother Booster Elite EVO2 were Biomechanics, Bioenergetics, Ecology, Comfort and Design.

Booster use is not dictated by a passing fad. “It would be like saying that the onset of cramps is at the same time a fad,” explains Manuela Corona, BV SPORT Italy manager. This is the message the brand wants to convey to all amateurs. Behind the Elite Evolution Booster is a lot of study and innovation to offer a product of high standard and great utility.

Among the benefits of using the Booster are the improvement and acceleration of muscle oxygenation as well as venous return, resulting in the elimination of toxins accumulated during workout, which are mainly responsible for the onset of cramps.

The longer the run, the more fatigue arises, the better the Booster can act.

In testing, there was both a reduction in vibration at each ground impact and in muscle pain on the day after the event.

A cross-over product between experienced and novice runners, united under the common concept that prevention is better than cure.


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