Hyrox: the union of running and fitness

  • Hyrox, German functional training format, lands in Italy through acquisition of Infront.
  • Purpose: To create a network of Hyrox Gym in Italy, training specialized coaches to support athletes.
  • Italian interest in fitness innovation could encourage the expansion of this type of training.


neithercrossfit nor aerobic resistance training. It’s 
the new workout format coming out of Germany and taking the world of athletes by storm.

The format

Equal around the world involves a combination of running and exercises selected from the world of functional training. 1km of running followed by 1 functional fitness movement to be repeated 8 times. Specifically, SkiErg, Sled Push, Sled Pull, Burpee Broad Jumps, Rowing, Farmers Carry, Sandbag Lunges and Wall Balls are the exercises in which the participants will have to engage. A minimum of physical preparation is sufficient without the need for refined technique to complete the circuit. On the official website you can get an idea of your level of preparedness by filling out the questionnaire in the appropriate section.

The execution of the course will be timed and will be used to draw up rankings divided by age group, number of repetitions performed and weights used. Three modes of participation: single, pair or relay of four participants. Registration costs are 69 euros for the individual, 64 euros for the pair and 39 euros for the relay.

An inclusive formula that can be adapted and modulated according to one’s abilities. Any type of athlete, from beginner to professional, may participate.

Hyrox lands in Italy

In vogue since 2017 in Italy has landed only a few months ago, following the acquisition of 51 percent of the company by Infront, a leading sports industry and marketing firm to support brands to grow in territories by helping them build their audience. The Italian debut was held at RiminiWelness last June pending the second event to be held Saturday, Oct. 7, in Milan. The chosen location is the Allianz MiCo convention center.

A real network

In Infront’s plans, in addition to organizing the competitions will be to create in Italy a network of gyms and fitness centers licensed to operate as official Hyrox Gym centers. Coaches will be trained during specific seminars so that they will have the skills to be able to support fans during training and competition preparation.

A similar reality is already present in Milan with TRI60, a training center dedicated to triathlon and endurance sports more generally.

A winning trait d’union

A booming movement that manages to embrace a wide audience because of its democratic spirit. Italy could undoubtedly be fertile ground for the spread of this phenomenon as it is a country that is very attentive to the novelties that gravitate around the world of fitness.

I believe that this type of training can potentially be very effective if it is known how to exploit it. Pairing running with the performance of strength exercises would subject the body to different stimuli, making it stronger and more versatile able to meet all kinds of challenges with ease.

I am giving it some thought. It could become a weekly appointment to be incorporated into the training plan as a cross training session.


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