On Cloudboom Echo 3: the best of On’s technology for speed

From today, 6 July 2023, the On Cloudboom Echo 3, the shoes that express the best of the Swiss brand in speed for long distances and marathons in particular, are back on sale.,

Developed with the support of On Athletics Club athletes and tested in world-class races, the new drop of the On Cloudboom Echo 3 makes them available now to all athletes, even amateurs, who want to break their personal records and take some podium satisfaction.

Technologically speaking, these new shoes are the distilled essence of On’s speed technologies.

It starts with On’s CloudTech system, which is combined with the Speedboard, the carbon plate that amplifies the rocker by increasing forward thrust. Another element to focus on is the material at the midsole: Helion HF (Hyper Foam) that combines ground impact absorption with great energy return.

Helion HF itself is also very interesting because of where it comes from: originally derived from castor beans, it’s made from 46% bio-based materials. Not only does it deliver impressive performance, it is also fully recyclable.

The high-tech upper of the On Cloudboom Echo 3 is composed of a single layer of very thin material to promote lightness and breathability. But because it’s a long-distance race shoe, the fit is also important, with special attention paid to the heel and instep to ensure comfort, even when running 42km.

Weight: 215 g (men) / 188 g (women)
Drop: 9.5 mm

For info: on-running.com


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