The most beautiful swimming pools in the world

  • You can go to the pool all year round, and if it’s even heated, you can swim in it even if it’s snowing.
  • These are some of the most beautiful pools in the world: they can be found in London, Chile, Italy and the USA. And not only there.


We go to the beach in the summer, with the good season. You can go to the pool all year round, and if it is even heated, you can go even if it is winter and snowing outside. Swimming pools have always been considered an amenity, that is, something pleasant and feel-good. The “amenities” in tourist facilities and hotels are swimming pools (precisely), gyms, and spas.

After that introduction, we’ll take you right around the world to see the most beautiful pools. It is no coincidence that they are all outdoors, in special places (big cities or forests or even on beautiful beaches, which is a bit of a nonsense, we agree) and particularly scenic. Let’s go!

Embassy Gardens Sky Pool, London

Twenty-five meters long and suspended 35 meters above ground, the swimming pool at the Embassy Gardens luxury residential complex (named after the nearby U.S. Embassy) is an engineering marvel. Made in Colorado and then transported to London, it consists of a C-shaped monoblock of clear acrylic 20 centimeters thick. And that’s it.

Its simplicity of construction should not mislead: beyond the not insignificant difficulty of bringing it to height and then lowering it into position, its structure must also accommodate the movements of the two building blocks between which it is suspended, which move due to internal expansion caused by temperature changes and settling of the ground below. The result is a monolith of water dozens of meters above the ground from which to admire the view of London. Assuming you are a resident, because outsiders are not allowed.

Como Laucala Island, Fiji Islands

The resort, which takes its name from the Fijian island where it is located, is spread among private villas set in a perfectly clear body of water and equipped with a private pool with a transparent end wall, the only separation between fresh and salt water.

Hotel Hubertus, Trentino

Also known as the “Sky Pool” or “Infinity Pool,” this pool at the Hotel Hubertus in Valdaora in Trentino offers a perfect view of the Dolomites.

Resting on sloping columns and partially cantilevering over the slope of the mountain, it has the shape of a parallelepiped stretching toward infinity. In the cantilevered part, the bottom is transparent, so you can see all the height below while swimming.

The Joule, Dallas

You would think that overhangs and dizzying situations would be the favorite of these luxury hotels. In this case it is the roof garden pool atThe Joule Hotel in Dallas. The overhang is not particularly dramatic and it is only the front wall that is glazed, however, the dramatic effect is assured as the water seems to be lost in the void suspended above the city streets.

Le Commandant Charcot

It might look like an ordinary curved-shaped pool, but the special feature of the one at Le Commandant Charcot is that it is mobile. In fact, it is on a cruise ship that is itself very special being an extra-luxury vessel intended for polar travel. I mean: do you want to put the coolness of taking a warm bath outdoors with a frozen sea around you?

San Alfonso del Mar

Located in Chile, the pool belonging to a private resort has entered the Guinness Book of World Records given its size: in fact, it is one kilometer long and is filled with 250 million liters of water taken directly from the Pacific and fed into the pool after being treated. It is also equipped with a heating system to keep the water at a comfortable temperature for bathers.


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