The vademecum for staying (or getting) in shape after the vacations

It’s easy to stay fit in the summer: we eat better, we move more, we have more time to work out, and we have the incentive to take better care of our bodies.

On the other hand, it’s very difficult to do it, because the time we have to take care of ourselves is drastically reduced and it becomes more complicated to fit all the commitments in the right way. On the bright side, we can succeed.

Actually it’s all part of our evil plan to make you feel like you are on vacation every-single-day. Just pretend I didn’t tell you, though, okay?! ;)

To succeed it’s essential to work on three elements: organization, nutrition, and training.

1. Finding the time

This is probably the most complicated point of the three, because it requires a (critical) analysis of our day and a change in daily habits. Especially the latter element is one of the most difficult to deal with. But, as I told you a few days ago, it’s also a very good exercise to improve ourselves.

It’s just a matter of finding space for four basic elements that can improve our lives (a lot):

  • Training;
  • Preparing good food for us;
  • Find out an hour for ourselves;
  • Rest.

I know, seen this way, it’s not easy, and so you’ll be like, “You talk easy but, if you had to do all the things I do, you’d print this post and wipe your feet on it (but you get what I mean, right?!).” This is precisely the wrong starting point because – basically – you already start out defeated.
So instead of picking on me for being so good-good-gentle-sympathetic, get a pen and paper and start writing. Writing what? The schedule of your day, with precise (and lifelike, because you are not a superhero) schedules. You start by priority, writing down the things you “must” do and then everything else in order of importance.

This will help you to “fill in the boxes” of your time with what really matters and – by having target schedules – to minimize the time you waste in the day, in favor of what you really want to do.

2. Eat better

You need to have the right fuel to do everything, but more importantly, to stay fit you necessarily have to eat the right way.

Of course, it’s not easy if you live outside the home 10 hours a day and are used to eating the “greasy sandwiches” from the truck on the street however, even on this front, we can plan.

To save time and make sure we eat better, we can make ourselves a food planner (and here is an example). In this way, based on the organization of our week, we will be able to plan grocery shopping and meals. Because even a sandwich is not the same everywhere, nor is a salad or a plate of pasta. And the ones you make yourself are definitely better and healthier, no doubt.

The scale and your health will thank you.

3. Train the right way

If you have read this far, you are demonstrating endurance to fatigue! :) To thank you, I won’t go on too long but I will give you an example of a weekly workout that is guaranteed to keep you well, keep you fit and – most importantly – have fun.

In fact, the activities will not take up a lot of your time but will be focused on making you do something different all the time.

Small note before we start: this program is made for beginners, for those who have just started running (but can already do it for at least 30/45 minutes continuously) and for those who want to start now. In the latter case, replace the run with our program to get started.

Rest: the day is hard enough as it is, and it is best not to rage

Running: 30/45′ at a slow and relaxed pace

Core stability: the 7-minute HICT routine maybe repeated 2 times (if you can) is sufficient

Running: 15′ warm-up + 20′ with 200-meter dash every 2 minutes + 10′ relaxed run

Whatever you want: it’s alternative discipline day (swimming, biking, Pilates, spinning, gym, core stability, karate, long walk, yoga), do whatever you like and enjoy the most.

Run: 30′ at a slow and relaxed pace, no GPS, no cardio, no music.
Core stability: always the 7′ on Wednesday

Running: 1h at a slow pace on a new route and, if possible, in company.

As you can see, there is nothing difficult and all this takes an hour of your time. And, that’s a quote of the most beautiful films in history….



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